Anti Rape initiative

Anti-Rape initiative in Limpopo


Ninety young men have volunteered to participate in an ‘anti-rape’ initiative to be delivered in conjunction with a local NGO, Thoyohandou Victim Empowerment Programme. The workshop sessions with the young men have taken place in the following locations, Phiphidi,Tshiombo and Itsani. Prior to the workshops questionnaires were administered to the participants, to measure their level of knowledge and attitude towards rape victims and perpetrators. During the four hour workshops participants were able to gain an understanding of the criminal offence known as rape, the different types of rape, what action can be taken in the case of rape, myth of rape, action to be taken when a rape has taken place and an examination of the rights and responsibilities of vicitms.


Participants in the initiative are also provided with paper and drawing materials and encouraged to think about designing a ‘poster’ carrying a powerful anti-rape message. Prizes will be given to the winning designs which will then receive professional enhancement with a view to offering local authorities the opportunity to display these posters, particularly in areas where men are known to frequent and gather.